SC Johnson Wax, Project Honor Museum

  • Sc johnson wax project honor museum

Project Location:
 Racine, WI
Architect: Foster + Partners, Epstein
Client: SC Johnson & Sons

LEED: LEED Gold Certified
Size: 70,000 sf/ 6,503 sm
Services rendered: MEP/FP, LEED Design
Photo Credit: © Foster + Partners
Captions: Exterior at night

Description: This unique project, a 70,000 sf facility on the historic, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed campus of SC Johnson Wax, includes exhibition space, a new employee dining facility, and additional employee amenities such as a fitness center, store, bank, and coffee shop. The exhibition area commemorates an expedition to Brazil made by Sam Johnson in 1998 and features the airplane he used, which is a replica of the plane H.F. Johnson used in the 1930s to research carnauba wax trees in Brazil. Cosentini coordinated the selection of devices/equipment for public areas, so that they blend seamlessly with the museum architecture.  Fortaleza Hall (LEED Gold Certified) and the Community Building are linked by a glazed atrium and lift lobby, which connects via an undercroft to the matrix of tunnels that form the principal communications network through the campus.

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