Sustainable Design

Since its founding in 1952, Cosentini has always recognized that healthy indoor environments and energy conservation are not mutually exclusive, and that the ideal building system promotes efficiency, durability, and comfort. The firm has long been concerned with the thoughtful use of natural resources and environmental stewardship. We have played a significant role in the commercial adoption of innovative energy conservation technologies, realized in many significant built projects. We also have a long history of service to industry organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Many Cosentini staff are LEED-Accredited Professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary for the development of successful LEED-certified buildings.


We offer sustainable design strategies including: 

  • Integrated climate-responsive design; 
  • Weather analysis; 
  • Passive/active solar design; 
  • Underfloor air distribution systems; 
  • Displacement cooling and ventilation; 
  • Natural ventilation systems and double wall design; 
  • Radiant cooling and heating; 
  • Geothermal/groundwater source heating/cooling; 
  • Energy recovery;
  • Thermal storage via ice/water; 
  • Indoor air quality management; 
  • Filtration technologies; 
  • Water conservation and reclamation measures including graywater systems; and 
  • Daylighting and high-efficiency lighting solutions.


Alternate energy supply concepts include:  

  • Filtration technologies;
  • Wind power generation; 
  • Photovoltaic (system integrated); 
  • Cogeneration (combined heating, cooling, and power generation); 
  • Fuel cell power generation systems; and 
  • On-site power generation/peaking facilities.


Primary contact:
Scott Ceasar
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