Our job is to make buildings come alive with spaces where people can live and work, where they can communicate, and with the systems they need to function efficiently.

Douglas Mass, President


workplace environment01Workplace Environment

Atmosphere: Our practice is organized around studios with expertise in specific market sectors. Each studio is composed of a mix of engineers representing required disciplines who share their knowledge and experience of that industry with project teams. This system creates a number of small firms within the larger one, encouraging informal mentorship and allowing for greater collaboration among project teams.

External events: Cosentini’s culture extends outside office hours and the offices as well. Monthly employee appreciation events, summer and holiday parties, and soccer, softball, volleyball, and basketball teams build a sense of community and collaboration across various studios and levels of experience.

Diversity: The staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, regions, and countries. These different perspectives expose everyone to new ways of thinking, contribute to the development and learning of new techniques, and result in unexpected solutions.



culture02Professional Development

Cosentini offers a number of programs to foster the professional development of established and new employees. A wide variety of training courses for interns, new hires, and experienced engineers interested in new technologies is available. Experienced staff members mentor new hires on an informal basis by creating active learning environments and giving employees early exposure to the entire engineering process, from design through construction. Cosentini firmly believes that the best way to learn is by doing, so emerging professionals are given many opportunities and responsibilities at the outset. Firm principals lead most projects, allowing new employees to learn on the job from engineers with a wide range of experience. 



culture07Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability: Cosentini has always been at the forefront of sustainable technologies and continues to integrate sustainable technologies into each project. Our goal is always to design building systems that improve efficiency and enhance users’ comfort and health. Cosentini has designed more than 75 LEED-certified projects, with 30 currently in process. We employ 75 LEED-accredited professionals, and multiple LEED Green Associates, Certified Energy Modelers, and Building Energy Modeling Professionals.

Green Office Initiative: Cosentini integrates sustainable principles in our office as well. We recently launched an initiative to reduce paper usage, increase recycling, and reduce overall energy used by workstations, copiers/printers, and lights. Through a carefully designed and communicated awareness campaign, we have successfully promoted the importance of maintaining a green office environment.

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