Code Consulting and Fire Engineering

Achieving our clients' unique goals while maintaining safety and code compliance is what drives us. 

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Cosentini’s Code Consulting and Fire Engineering Group provides external and internal clients with value-added fire engineering, life safety, and code consulting services. We provide practical solutions that integrate function with form, supported by in-depth knowledge and experience. 

Our focus on providing guidance, strategic advice, and solutions rooted in the principles of fire science allows our team to adapt to the ever-changing built environment. We use extensive technical knowledge to analyze and assess risk as well as understand the level of protection afforded by traditional design practices and prescriptive requirements. The ability to provide this type of elemental analysis enables us to develop solutions that meet the intended level of protection of applicable codes and standards, while preserving architectural or operational design intents.


The Group’s services encompass:

  • Building and fire code consultation;
  • Performance-based design;
  • Due diligence and Statement of Conditions (SOC);
  • Hazardous materials analysis;
  • Special inspection, testing, and commissioning;
  • Accessibility; and
  • Fire suppression and fire alarm design.


Primary contact:

Rockwood J. Edwards, PE
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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